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Sirius Orion Black ([personal profile] toujours_impur) wrote2016-07-23 04:38 am

(for Hex and Remus) Pull or Push?

Sirius was in a pretty good mood. He had suggested they go down to the pub for dinner tonight, and had offered to buy the first round while Remus found them somewhere to sit, which is why he went directly to the bar to grab a pair of pints. To no one's surprise, however, he got distracted from his mission by the incredibly fit bloke sitting at the bar. He looked the man over from head to toe and gave him a warm, inviting smile out of sheer habit. He wasn't going to pull while he was out with Remus, honest. ...Not again anyway. Probably. Possibly. Hell, Moony would understand if he did, right?
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Hex was barely even begun, still on his first pint of the night. He didn't even have a buzz, but the few sips he had already taken had quenched his thirst. He caught that smile and had smiled in return, then tilted his head a bit to beckon the bloke closer.

It wouldn't kill him to pull if he could.