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(for Hex and Remus) Pull or Push?

Sirius was in a pretty good mood. He had suggested they go down to the pub for dinner tonight, and had offered to buy the first round while Remus found them somewhere to sit, which is why he went directly to the bar to grab a pair of pints. To no one's surprise, however, he got distracted from his mission by the incredibly fit bloke sitting at the bar. He looked the man over from head to toe and gave him a warm, inviting smile out of sheer habit. He wasn't going to pull while he was out with Remus, honest. ...Not again anyway. Probably. Possibly. Hell, Moony would understand if he did, right?
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"Oh, someone thinks they're setting the rules," Remus chuckled, deep in his chest, after he'd kissed Sirius as thoroughly as he knew how, all leisurely movements of tongue and lips. He pressed himself even closer, letting Sirius get a feel for how hard he was, crotch sliding against crotch, before he pushed himself back upright and scooted back down the couch.

He waved with his hand, taking Sirius in in the gesture. "C'mon then, love. Strip. I'm not wasting time fiddling with your buttons."
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Remus arched an eyebrow in turn, and looked something close to wryly amused, a hand moving to wipe over his mouth and chin as he thought about Sirius' question. "...Well, slow will get me sodding off to the bedroom while you mess about with your clothes, and fast will get me annoyed I wasn't able to enjoy the view. So," Remus declared, leaning back on the other arm of the couch, toeing off his shoes to let them clatter to the floor, and rather obviously started to rub his hard-on through his trousers, "why don't you pick something in between and see how much it pleases me?" It was probably one of the few times Remus would have agreed his grin was indeed wolfish and hungry.
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And Remus was pleased: indeed, very pleased. He showed that in the way his palm slowly, leisurely moved over his crotch, enough to keep that burning ache steeped. He showed it in the way his eyes never left Sirius' body, exploring, drinking in that sight in a way he'd never managed in furtive glances in bedrooms or dorms or showers. He showed it in the way he licked his upper lip as Sirius' hand trailed down his taut stomach and popped upon that button, making him emit a soft needy rumble from the back of his throat. And he showed it in the way he smiled at Sirius at the end, like he was the best and brightest student, like Remus couldn't ever be more proud.

Remus tugged his coat off, unbuttoned his top two buttons (unheard of!), and moved fast to slide a hand right down the open front of Sirius' trousers, claiming that cock like it was his own. There was no hesitation in his touch, nothing less than a full-blooded assertion of ownership. "...You've always been so damned handsome, you know?" he murmured, eyes scanning Sirius' face, instinctively searching for a reaction, for any sign this might be going too far. He kept one hand on the side of the couch, arched over Sirius like he was looming. "Damned pretty, really. And now you're all mine, aren't you, m'dear? So wonderful, and all for me." He gave Sirius' cock an experimental tug.
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"Oh, typical, making me do all the work..." Remus flashed a brief wry grin at him, that hand still remarkably sure on Sirius' cock. Remus didn't think he'd been more sure of anything in his life, frankly. "And making you sound like you're something stashed in a Gringotts' vault when you're infinitely more precious." He treated Sirius to a hard kiss as punctuation, all locking teeth and searching tongue, then removed his hand and slowly got off the couch, refusing to break eye contact.

Licking across his palm, he tasted and smelled Sirius there, nostrils flaring. "Chop chop then. Show me what a lovely slut you are and walk naked to the bed, then wait for me. I want to see what I own."
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Sirius was naked. Of course Sirius was naked. It was too familiar to even draw a chuckle out of him: and yet it made the moment oddly alien, because somehow, he'd never really thought that Pads would be naked for him.

Taking a few moments to gather himself, Remus undressed in the living room, blithely unconcerned if there were any peeping toms (and if there were, they'd have to be on a bloody big crane to gaze into the 14th floor), leaving his trousers in a pool alongside Sirius', then undid the cuffs of his shirt, the hem still dangling about his waist as he padded, half-clad in shirt and briefs as he paused in the doorway to his bedroom. The light from the hallway cast him in shadow, but Remus was far too busy admiring the artwork on his bed to really care.

"Definitely a lovely slut," Remus murmured, a little arch, a little deep, and dragging it out. Not undressing any further than shirt and briefs, he undid the buttons of the shirt in an agonisingly slowly way that he knew would make Padfoot impatient, and approached Sirius to squat at the foot of the bed, the backs of his hands trailing up the inside of Sirius' legs, moving up and close with them until he could gaze into Sirius' eyes for a moment, chest barely an inch away from Sirius' chest, and then Remus smiled before leaning in to kiss him. One hand moved to tangle fingers into Sirius' hair, a deft, controlling touch, allowing him to take charge of the kiss. "So responsive, aren't you, love?"