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(for Hex and Remus) Pull or Push?

Sirius was in a pretty good mood. He had suggested they go down to the pub for dinner tonight, and had offered to buy the first round while Remus found them somewhere to sit, which is why he went directly to the bar to grab a pair of pints. To no one's surprise, however, he got distracted from his mission by the incredibly fit bloke sitting at the bar. He looked the man over from head to toe and gave him a warm, inviting smile out of sheer habit. He wasn't going to pull while he was out with Remus, honest. ...Not again anyway. Probably. Possibly. Hell, Moony would understand if he did, right?
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Hex was barely even begun, still on his first pint of the night. He didn't even have a buzz, but the few sips he had already taken had quenched his thirst. He caught that smile and had smiled in return, then tilted his head a bit to beckon the bloke closer.

It wouldn't kill him to pull if he could.
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"Just Hex is fine," he replied, smiling in return. His hand snaked out and found the man's waist. He touched as naturally as he breathed, both equally unconscious.

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Remus had kept an eye (and an ear) out for Sirius, fully expecting him to be waylaid as he got some drinks. He'd strained a bit sitting at their table, trying to peer past and through the various people between him and the bar.

Finally deciding to chuck it in and go in search, he arrived just in time to see Sirius greet the other man with a 'gorgeous' and Hex respond with the easy, unpracticed intimacy he remembered. "Yes," he murmured, taking a deep breath, and placing a warm hand on Sirius' other shoulder, a mix of protectiveness, reassurance and amusement fluttering for control in his chest. "Yes, he is rather gorgeous, aren't you Hex?" He continued, peering past Sirius to greet the man on the other side with a toothy grin.

"Sirius, this is Hex. I told you about him, remember?"

Eyeing the pints in front of Sirius he took one and had a sip, staking territory as much as ensuring his beer didn't get traded away. And well, it wasn't like he hadn't come across Sirius making a conquest before, it just...normally hadn't involved someone Remus had been interested in too. "Doing well then?" he asked as he swallowed, chugging half the pint, the size of the glass covering most of his face besides curious eyes and raised eyebrows.
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Hex's smile was broad and bright as he slid off the stool to stand before Remus.

"So good to see you, mate!" he said cheerfully and moved in fast, elbowing Sirius out of the way so he could wrap his arms around the man to give him a hug...then lifting one hand to hold his face and give him a more-than-friends kiss on the mouth. It was brief and casual, but spoke to the fact that Hex knew Remus well and was quite comfortable with kissing him in public.

"And this is your mate Sirius. Lovely. Lovely to meet you," he smiled, letting go of Remus to offer Sirius a hand to shake.
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Remus had been really quite comfortable where he was. But Remus was a man of iron control and placid facade, so only people who knew him very well would have been able to tell that his one-armed hug in response was not as tight as Hex', or to understand the rather raised single eyebrow as Hex leaned in for the kiss.

However brief and casual, Remus wasn't casual in return: that eyebrow was still poised and demanding as he pulled back from the kiss as quickly as he could, something almost like bemusement on his face that didn't quite bleed into actual offence. The bloke had dumped him for the other bloke he'd been in love with while they were dating, and now he kissed Remus in bars? 21st century people were weird.

Or maybe it was just Hex.

Without having to see, Remus knew that Sirius would be steaming, and so disentangled himself politely enough, keeping his features affable, and laid a hand on Sirius' shoulder - again, as some instinctive combination of reassurance and warning. He didn't want Sirius to lay the first punch. "...Well, seeing as Sirius here has already got our drinks," Remus explained, perfectly affable, "we should probably be heading back to our table. But it was nice to see you again. C'mon, Sirius." He was already turning to go.
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Hex sized up the situation, but fast. Remus was uncomfortable and perturbed. Sirius was bloody jealous and angry. Hex knew he'd overstepped.

"Oh, I see," he said softly. "I'm sorry. I thought you two were just mates. I didn't realize you were together. I'm sorry."

To him it was clear as day. They were so much more than mates, that much was obvious. Never mind that Sirius had been pulling him, and willingly. It wasn't Hex's place to pass judgment on what sort of relationship they had. Maybe it was open, though it didn't seem to him to be that way. Not at all.

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Well, there wasn't any way he could control this, could he? Best thing to was to just clean up the mess as best he could.

"...We're not together," Remus murmured, feeling spent all of a sudden, and too drained to be anything but honest. "But we might be, one day," he agreed, looking at Sirius with a sort of wistful longing, and tugging gently at Sirius' arm. "Come along." he said to his sort-of-better-than-friend, firm but not mean about it, even if his tone was enough to make a first year feel very guilty. "Thank you, Hex."
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"We should probably finish our drinks and head home, eh?" Remus said after they'd sat down, with a certain comfort in his tone despite the briskness. He reached over and patted Sirius on the back of the hand, trying to reassure him. Merlin only knew what he thought.

"...Sorry about that," Remus started, before shaking his head. He wasn't entirely sure what he was sorry for. "He can be a bit of a pillock. Thick head." Taking a deep breath, he made himself look in Sirius' eyes, and smiled. "Not nearly as pretty as yours, Pads."
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Remus kept his eyes trained on Sirius, aware of every flush and every avoidant movement. His friend - his best friend - was more than jittery, acutely self-conscious, but it didn't seem to bode that Pads was on one of his downwards swings.

"...Leave your drink," he suggested, but it was at least half of an instruction. "Let's head home. I don't know about you, but I don't feel much like a drink now." Remus was already getting up out of his chair, all gangly, easy movement, determined to give Sirius a cue to make him follow as he bundled himself out onto the street.
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Oh, that was wonderful, really. Most important conversation and Sirius was avoiding it. If Remus wasn't too busy lost in thought, he might have snorted in response.

"Yes. Yes it was," he replied, chewing thoughtfully on the inside of his cheek. What to say, what to say?

"You do know I'd cut off my right arm rather than hurt you, don't you Pads?" Remus sounded vaguely curious as he asked it, eyes piercing as he glanced across to the man striding down the street next to him. "Because I would, you know. Up to the elbow at least."
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"And you know I've survived you thus far, yeah?" Remus flashed him a brief grin, making the other half of the argument. Mind like a steel trap and all. "Bodes well for the future. I mean, I'm not, y'know, exactly a wilting flower."
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Oh, for fuck's sake. Remus bit back the bark of rueful laughter, and his own frustration - at himself, mostly, for being such a complete berk that he didn't see what was right in front of his face - made him grab for Sirius' hand and hold it in his own.

"Mates don't do this," he pointed out quietly. "Mates don't get jealous, and Merlin knows I've been catty enough about some of your conquests. Mates..."

He trailed off with a sigh, and squeezed Sirius' hand. "This is the only thing that makes sense. Of either of us. Of both of us, and it just us now. You can tell me I've read this completely wrong, but I would like to ask you out." He paused, and dropped Sirius' hand to reach up and snake his arm around Sirius' shoulders, bringing him in to murmur close and loving in the other man's ear. "Will you please be my date, Sirius Black?"
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That fear, he understood. He'd felt it himself, etched in sideways glances and moments of furtive longing. Always afraid of discovery. Always unsure. But he understood Sirius, and finally all those pieces he couldn't fit together (his jealousy, his insecurity, his refusal to do more than date or shag) made a coherent whole.

So he used his arm to hug Sirius closer, almost cramming him against his side as they walked along together, something in him rising to the moment. "I've got you, Pads," he said, and kissed his hair. "Always have, always will." It was more than just a promise. "I know you're worried. I know you're scared. But I've got you." He wasn't about to abandon his best friend-and-more now. "Everything will be all right."
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Remus felt the tremble as much as he heard it, but he only chuckled fondly in response. "...Yes, of course." Sirius would probably want a drink and he wouldn't mind a cuppa himself.

"Do you want to Apparate home, then?" He asked quietly. They did still have a tube station to get to, a train to catch...the Ministry might have put them up in one of the newest parts of London, but Canary Wharf wasn't the most accessible - but then London in some ways always was and would be a maze.
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Remus had already seen one, and so motioned Sirius in the right direction, before ducking into the alleyway first. It was a dirty mess, bins overfilling and a skip that was plastered with graffiti. London in the 1970s hadn't exactly been clean, but in this era it felt more like no-one could be bothered.

"If there was an award for apparating, you'd probably win that too," Remus muttered with some warmth as Sirius joined him, pulling out his wand. While apparating and strong emotion was not exactly an advisable mix, Remus honestly couldn't think of a moment where Sirius hadn't combined magic with strong emotion, even if it was often joy or simple competitive need. Besides, the last thing Sirius needed was to have Remus be a total worry wart and knock him off his stride. "Think you can beat me home?"

And then he was gone in a blink and a grin.
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"There's ice in the freezer!" Remus called at hearing the crack of apparation, already having undone his jacket and draped it over the classic leather armchair. Adjusting his shirt sleeves, he glanced about the living room. Remus had figured Sirius would be mucking about in the kitchen to fix a drink. Knowing what the other was doing went both ways.

"...Actually, get me one too, would you please?" Remus' own desire for alcohol was more celebration than wake, but it seemed like a good idea.

He ended up on the couch, legs spread a little, arms out along the back. If Sirius wanted to sit next to him, he could; if Sirius was too uncomfortable at the prospect, he could have the armchair: he could pace about on the rug: he could lie on the bloody carpet for all Remus cared.
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"Thank you, m'dear," Remus said, almost automatic in the endearment before it hit him, again, what he'd been saying all those years. What he'd been admitting. And it made him smile a little, even if - from a simple glance at Sirius - this would not be the easiest of conversations.

Taking a far smaller sip, he then sat the drink down on the floor and pulled off his shoes. They might as well both be comfortable. "So. You're scared, aren't you?" he murmured quietly, trying to tease Sirius out a little.
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Remus snorted gently. Right, of course he would have. Because both of them were so good at talking about their feelings.

"Well," he started, "I'm not scared. I am an idiot, though. For not seeing it. And I'm sorry I ignored all the signs," he continued, taking the burden onto himself. It was better that way, wasn't it? Easier. Familiar.

Remus took a deep breath of his own, and looked up to fix his gaze on Sirius': "But I do love you. Apparently we're practically a couple as it is, so why not get the extra benefits, eh?"
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"No, but I wondered, sometimes. The way you acted - with anyone else, I would have thought they were jealous, but-" Remus broke off for a moment, floundering at the effort it took to admit it to himself, let alone Sirius.

"Anyway," because he wasn't quite prepared to go down that path, and besides, this wasn't about him and his feelings, "I honestly don't think everything changes. You heard Hex. You know us, Pads. We practically live in each other's pockets anyway." James knew, but Remus didn't want to think about that right now, either. He reached down with a fast hand and took a gulp of his drink, a smooth, singular motion.

"And you're not about to lose me," Remus told him, quiet, and gentle. "...You couldn't lose me if you tried, you daft bugger. I've been the one to hold your head when you puke in the loo from drinking too much, and the one who scolded you for trying something too dangerous, and the one who always, always ached for you to come back safe to me. That's everything, and it's not changing."

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Oh, and that drew out a rich, fond laugh from Remus' throat, chest shaking with the effort of it before it subsided, bringing a hand up to his mouth to stifle what remained.

"Pads, what makes you think I'd want a proper boyfriend? Or girlfriend, for that matter." Remus shrugged his shoulders, eyes a bit wide, inviting the question. "I'm sick half the month and hyper the other half. I don't need someone proper, I need someone who knows me, who understands. That's definitely you."

Breathing in through his nose, Remus sagged a little against the couch. "Look, I'm not expecting traditional and all the trimmings. Really." He'd never expected to make it to school, let alone get any friends. The prospect of some sort of regular partner (whatever that was) boggled the mind, and bored him to tears. "I just want us. That's all. And I wouldn't...I wouldn't try to limit you, you know," he added, softly, because part of him felt bad for admitting it. If Sirius worried about being proper, well, that wasn't exactly it.
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Remus curled an arm around his shoulders to keep him close. He'd done it before, but it felt more right, somehow. Maybe it was the alcohol.

"You will," he assured Sirius, craning a little to plant a kiss on Sirius' forehead, after brushing a lock of hair away. "And I'll still be a grumpy old bastard from time to time, and make you terribly mad. But that's how things are, m'dear. That's what relationships are like."

James and Lily had hardly gotten along every waking moment of every single day. To Remus, Sirius' fears were understandable....if a little silly. Sirius certainly couldn't expect perfection from a battered young werewolf, so there was no reason for Remus to expect it from him.
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His own hand slipped to cover Sirius' while the other man spoke, pleased for the contact.

"I know the way you are with dates," Remus murmured, amused, and with absolutely no judgement in his eyes. He pulled back a little to look Sirius over with something that might have been claiming, his eyes lidded. "Are you going to wait to have it off with me until after the first date?" he wondered, biting his lip as he shifted his hand so his fingers could stroke at Sirius' wrist, push his sleeve down just to get at more of that lovely skin. He didn't really expect much protest, even as he leaned closer, all but pushing Sirius back against the couch, taking a dominant position. "Because I'm rather certain I've been waiting long enough for a proper snog."

He kissed Sirius then, lips pressed to lips, gentle but insistent. It was rather unlike their practice kisses, where Sirius had usually taken the lead. Remus was making it clear this would be on his terms.
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"Oh, someone thinks they're setting the rules," Remus chuckled, deep in his chest, after he'd kissed Sirius as thoroughly as he knew how, all leisurely movements of tongue and lips. He pressed himself even closer, letting Sirius get a feel for how hard he was, crotch sliding against crotch, before he pushed himself back upright and scooted back down the couch.

He waved with his hand, taking Sirius in in the gesture. "C'mon then, love. Strip. I'm not wasting time fiddling with your buttons."
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Remus arched an eyebrow in turn, and looked something close to wryly amused, a hand moving to wipe over his mouth and chin as he thought about Sirius' question. "...Well, slow will get me sodding off to the bedroom while you mess about with your clothes, and fast will get me annoyed I wasn't able to enjoy the view. So," Remus declared, leaning back on the other arm of the couch, toeing off his shoes to let them clatter to the floor, and rather obviously started to rub his hard-on through his trousers, "why don't you pick something in between and see how much it pleases me?" It was probably one of the few times Remus would have agreed his grin was indeed wolfish and hungry.
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And Remus was pleased: indeed, very pleased. He showed that in the way his palm slowly, leisurely moved over his crotch, enough to keep that burning ache steeped. He showed it in the way his eyes never left Sirius' body, exploring, drinking in that sight in a way he'd never managed in furtive glances in bedrooms or dorms or showers. He showed it in the way he licked his upper lip as Sirius' hand trailed down his taut stomach and popped upon that button, making him emit a soft needy rumble from the back of his throat. And he showed it in the way he smiled at Sirius at the end, like he was the best and brightest student, like Remus couldn't ever be more proud.

Remus tugged his coat off, unbuttoned his top two buttons (unheard of!), and moved fast to slide a hand right down the open front of Sirius' trousers, claiming that cock like it was his own. There was no hesitation in his touch, nothing less than a full-blooded assertion of ownership. "...You've always been so damned handsome, you know?" he murmured, eyes scanning Sirius' face, instinctively searching for a reaction, for any sign this might be going too far. He kept one hand on the side of the couch, arched over Sirius like he was looming. "Damned pretty, really. And now you're all mine, aren't you, m'dear? So wonderful, and all for me." He gave Sirius' cock an experimental tug.
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"Oh, typical, making me do all the work..." Remus flashed a brief wry grin at him, that hand still remarkably sure on Sirius' cock. Remus didn't think he'd been more sure of anything in his life, frankly. "And making you sound like you're something stashed in a Gringotts' vault when you're infinitely more precious." He treated Sirius to a hard kiss as punctuation, all locking teeth and searching tongue, then removed his hand and slowly got off the couch, refusing to break eye contact.

Licking across his palm, he tasted and smelled Sirius there, nostrils flaring. "Chop chop then. Show me what a lovely slut you are and walk naked to the bed, then wait for me. I want to see what I own."