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There is a site up for the new game now: It's early days still, but if you'd like to bookmark it and keep tabs on how things are going, it's there for you!

We're also ready to take early transfer applications for characters you want to carry over to the new game. It's up to you if they remember London Calling or not. We're also letting you bring any new pups you might like to play here. No app needed. We're also ready to take no-app applications from any friends you have who might like to join the new game. All you have to do is email us (either via the old mod mail or our personal emails), or contact us via slack. We'll then send you an invite to join the new wiki where you can work on your pup's pages at your leisure.

Also, don't feel obligated to decide your full line-up right away, your pups can trickle in one at a time if you'd like.
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Hey everyone!

This will probably come as no surprise given that I haven't played in LC in ages, but I think it's time for me to hand in my notice. I've just been dragging my feet because, well, I've had some amazing times in this game and I love you all. But I can't even find the drive to unbind Anael right now, which is saying a lot. And sadly, the thought of the new game isn't sparking any feeling of creativity. So I really hope you have all the fun in it, and I will definitely be around on Slack, and do my best not to be a stranger.

Thanks so much for all the awesome logs, everyone! <3

- Fan'

The Future

Oct. 7th, 2017 02:19 pm[personal profile] helloplizzy posting in [community profile] londoncallingooc
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My last OOC post has been up for a bit now and a few of you have replied. Shan and I have been keeping tabs on what you're all feeling and after a little bit of chatting we've decided to pitch you all our new idea. This post will cover everything from the future of the game, the future of our slack community, and the ability to continue playing your pups. If you have any questions or thoughts after reading through, feel free to leave them in a comment below.
The Game: I love London Calling, but as I said in my comment on the last post, I'm very aware of the fact that it's had a good run. I read all your comments and people seemed open to the idea of a new game. I pitched an idea in my comment and after mulling it over and talking to Shan about it, we're ready to pull the trigger.
The new game would be set in the Wyldwoods of The Other Side. Pups would simply appear there, having been dragged out of their canon or other games (OCs will still be welcome). Basically, we'd whittle down The Other Side somewhat and drop pups into a more 'survival' sort of game.
Why we like this idea: Everyone starts at the same place, without established homes/workplaces to depend on. People will have to build shelters (or perhaps discover abandoned towns and ruins to live in?), and make new friends, since being dropped into a strange world gives pups an excuse to interact. This isn't some living breathing city full of NPC's, you have each other, and that's it. 
For example, if Shan and I were to play Bond and Q in this new game, there would be no MI6 at their back, no missions to go on. They would have to find a new purpose. Perhaps Q would scavenge and invent new tech with things he found. Perhaps Bond would take on a police role or a hunter type role. If Vi were to bring Kersen, he'd no longer have a bar, he'd instead have to find away to convince people to donate blood, or struggle with his morals. The world is a blank slate, and it would be up to us, and our pups, to build something there.
It also gives us an excuse to use magic in plots. Just as we had wild magic in LCRPG, there would be wild magic here. Things from a pup's canon could simply appear, including various enemies and personal items. Whatever floats your boat.
Obviously this is just the start of an idea, and if you all seem keen we will expand on it and hopefully get it launched sometime during the holiday season.
What happens to Slack: Hopefully nothing. If we get a very large influx of new players we might make a new social channel for those who choose not to join the new game, but still want to hang out- If only so they don't feel bombarded by any game chatter that might take over the OOC com. Universally it seemed important to us all that Slack remain intact, and Shan and I will do whatever it takes to preserve that social space for players and friends of players. <3

What happens to your pups: That is 100% up to you. If you have been involved in the game at all in the past year you can either transfer your pup as they are to the new game, or reboot them in the new game. You'll not be asked to submit an app. In fact, if you're in our slack as of right now, you're considered a friend of the game and will not be asked to app any pup you might want to bring. We will also allow you to refer as many friends as you like, and they will only be asked to fill out something similar to our already very short 'transfer' app.
So yeah, this is the future of the game. We're very hopeful we'll see you all move over to the TBA game outlined above. Please comment below if you're interested, and maybe think about friends you might ask to come join. In the next week or so Shan and I will work on getting a much more fleshed out post detailing the new game (maybe even a WIKI), and we will start accepting early transfers from you and your friends.
In the meantime, LCRPG will remain open.

ETA: A big thank you to everyone who replied to the last OOC post I tossed up. Your feedback is what gave Shan and I the confidence to make this post and continue on. <3 You guys are amazing.

ETA 2: We'd also love to hear any ideas you all have for WIKI alternatives.

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I have been reflecting on this for a long time, and I've decided it's time for me to withdraw from London Calling. Sunny has already not been active for weeks, so this shouldn't be terribly sudden. She'll remain in London as an NPC.

I've had a lot of fun and I will still be around in Slack. Thanks for all the threads.

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Liz suggested in her post that something like this was coming, and given my lack of tagging lately, it probably doesn't come as a surprise anyway. I've decided it's time for me, along with Victoria, Milady, Em, Coby, and Godric to say goodbye to London Calling.

Thank you to everybody who has threaded with them (and characters I've previously dropped), giving me a chance to dig deeper into the headspaces of characters I love.

I will, thanks to the mods, still be around on Slack, as well as the other usual places around the internet you might expect to find me.

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Posts haven't been made yet, but I know a few people will be leaving the game soon, and as our numbers start to dwindle I find myself wondering where the game should go next. I have a few ideas (I'm speaking as Liz, not a mod), but I'd love to hear what you all think before any of them get pondered seriously.

1: LCRPG becomes a no-app/no-req RP- We're already halfway there since we don't enforce making requirements of any sort. This would open the doors to people who don't have time to play every week or are intimidated by the app process. This would rely on you, the players (and me and Shan), to try and reach out to friends who rp/used to RP to see if they're interested in joining. It also means less vetting on new players.

2: We make this year the last year of LCRPG. A lot of us come from Shan and I's last game- This game was born in the aftermath of that one, and, well, that could happen again. All games run their course, and sometimes we all need a fresh start.

3: We leave it be, but still reach out to friends an old RP partners to try and bring new life to the game.

4: We scrap the game for now and start a new slack to just hang out in.

I love this game, but honestly, I love our little community even more. I hate seeing us fade away, and I'm personally willing to put in the work to keep us all together and having fun. So comment below with thoughts and ideas. I'm all ears.

ETA: One more idea! This is actually one I was toying with pre-LCRPG but never quite figured out how to impliment. Instead of a game where people EP, every EP is posted by a mod and features a certain theme or setting- Sort of like our latest GP. You would still have characters you play, but their history/relationships could change on a whim. You could play them fresh every week, or maybe establish relationships with other players.


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