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Sirius closed his eyes for a moment as Remus wrapped himself around him, savoring the simple comfort of the man's touch that had been diminished these past few months, as suspicions put distance between them, both physical and emotional--suspicions on both sides, it seemed.

It almost made Remus' news digestible, that familiar touch, and he sank back into him as he sighed, trying to sort through what Remus was telling him. "It's 2015," he stated flatly, forcing his eyes open again so he could look out at this strange new version of London that made the words seem more plausible. At least Remus' statement about Wormtail made more sense in light of this new information. It hadn't been only moments after all, but years, decades. The enormity of this news was too much for him to take in all at once, so he focused instead for the moment on the other thing Remus had said.

He turned in Remus' arms and cupped his cheeks, pulling the taller man's head forward so he could rest his own forehead against his friend's. "I'm so sorry I ever doubted you, Moony," he murmured, knowing that the pang of guilt and regret he felt now would be a wrench that would bring tears to his eyes were it not for the potion numbing it all.
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