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This time Remus' words seemed to have more of an effect. "...Captured?" he echoed, sounding bewildered. It seemed he'd been facing Wormtail only moments ago. How had he been captured already? But he had no reason to doubt Remus' words, not now that he knew his friend had never been the spy, that he'd been utterly wrong in that suspicion as in so many other things.

So it would be Azkaban for Wormtail, not death. He deserved to die, but at least this way Sirius himself avoided a prison sentence, avoided becoming a murderer. It wasn't much comfort, those thoughts.

At Remus' question, he had to drop his gaze, the guilt it stirred a painful knot in his chest, in his heart. "I trust you," he whispered hoarsely, feeling his eyes sting with tears of shame that he had ever stopped trusting him, no matter the situation.

When Remus mentioned the people, Sirius peered around, actually noticing his surroundings for the first time and realizing that a small crowd had gathered, some gawking, others holding up little rectangles of some sort that meant nothing to him. He did love to be the centre of attention, but not like this, not right now, and so he nodded. Most of his fury and fervor had drained from him at the news about Peter, leaving him shivering and quiet as he meekly allowed Remus to lead him wherever he would, doing his best not to think, because without his rage he knew he wouldn't long keep grief at bay, and once he allowed himself to feel it, it would be a long time before he would stop hurting.
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