Date: 2016-07-30 10:46 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] wandandawolf
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Remus had been really quite comfortable where he was. But Remus was a man of iron control and placid facade, so only people who knew him very well would have been able to tell that his one-armed hug in response was not as tight as Hex', or to understand the rather raised single eyebrow as Hex leaned in for the kiss.

However brief and casual, Remus wasn't casual in return: that eyebrow was still poised and demanding as he pulled back from the kiss as quickly as he could, something almost like bemusement on his face that didn't quite bleed into actual offence. The bloke had dumped him for the other bloke he'd been in love with while they were dating, and now he kissed Remus in bars? 21st century people were weird.

Or maybe it was just Hex.

Without having to see, Remus knew that Sirius would be steaming, and so disentangled himself politely enough, keeping his features affable, and laid a hand on Sirius' shoulder - again, as some instinctive combination of reassurance and warning. He didn't want Sirius to lay the first punch. "...Well, seeing as Sirius here has already got our drinks," Remus explained, perfectly affable, "we should probably be heading back to our table. But it was nice to see you again. C'mon, Sirius." He was already turning to go.
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