Date: 2016-07-27 08:06 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] wandandawolf
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Remus had kept an eye (and an ear) out for Sirius, fully expecting him to be waylaid as he got some drinks. He'd strained a bit sitting at their table, trying to peer past and through the various people between him and the bar.

Finally deciding to chuck it in and go in search, he arrived just in time to see Sirius greet the other man with a 'gorgeous' and Hex respond with the easy, unpracticed intimacy he remembered. "Yes," he murmured, taking a deep breath, and placing a warm hand on Sirius' other shoulder, a mix of protectiveness, reassurance and amusement fluttering for control in his chest. "Yes, he is rather gorgeous, aren't you Hex?" He continued, peering past Sirius to greet the man on the other side with a toothy grin.

"Sirius, this is Hex. I told you about him, remember?"

Eyeing the pints in front of Sirius he took one and had a sip, staking territory as much as ensuring his beer didn't get traded away. And well, it wasn't like he hadn't come across Sirius making a conquest before, it just...normally hadn't involved someone Remus had been interested in too. "Doing well then?" he asked as he swallowed, chugging half the pint, the size of the glass covering most of his face besides curious eyes and raised eyebrows.
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