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Mr. R. J. L., Esq. ([personal profile] wandandawolf) wrote in [personal profile] toujours_impur 2016-08-13 12:26 pm (UTC)

Oh, and that drew out a rich, fond laugh from Remus' throat, chest shaking with the effort of it before it subsided, bringing a hand up to his mouth to stifle what remained.

"Pads, what makes you think I'd want a proper boyfriend? Or girlfriend, for that matter." Remus shrugged his shoulders, eyes a bit wide, inviting the question. "I'm sick half the month and hyper the other half. I don't need someone proper, I need someone who knows me, who understands. That's definitely you."

Breathing in through his nose, Remus sagged a little against the couch. "Look, I'm not expecting traditional and all the trimmings. Really." He'd never expected to make it to school, let alone get any friends. The prospect of some sort of regular partner (whatever that was) boggled the mind, and bored him to tears. "I just want us. That's all. And I wouldn't...I wouldn't try to limit you, you know," he added, softly, because part of him felt bad for admitting it. If Sirius worried about being proper, well, that wasn't exactly it.

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