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Homelessness had never been a particularly Muggle problem. Magic could not guarantee money, nor property, nor wealth, and as a werewolf, Remus had mentally prepared himself for a life of penury and begging if things had turned out as they did for most weres.

Besides werewolves, there were always those too maddened for St. Mungo's to heal them, or those who refused treatment, and those too destitute. In both wizarding and Muggle London, Remus had always looked out for those who made him think of the road less travelled, and dug in his pocket to offer what coins he could, to buy someone a cuppa and hear their story. To remind them they were human.

As it was, Remus was out and about in the late afternoon, having had an appointment with the Ministry that was the usual sort of passive-aggressive-but-supportive blather. The next full moon was ahead of him and as such he was relatively well, almost chipper, anchored by its pull and the undercurrent of mania and strength that it brought. He heard the voice before he noticed the crowd up ahead, a throng of people trying to look without seeming too interested, or without helping, and the familiarity of that voice caught his ear and made his brow furrow, unconsciously quickening his step and pushing through the crowd with a polite, automatic 'Excuse me' like he was a prefect again easing through a bunch of first years.

"...Padfoot?" he breathed, seeing the man ahead, his chest tightening at the sight of him bedraggled, hair a mess and running on rage. "He's unwell," he explained to the passersby, immediately covering for his friend. Whether this was actually Padfoot or not was something to be explored at leisure, but it wasn't a delusion. He was too busy instinctively thinking about excuses and explanations - god, what if someone had called the police - to muse on his own shock and worry.

"Put that down, can't you see he's ill?" he chided some bloke who was filming the whole thing, and took off his long coat to drape it over Sirius' shoulders, rubbing his back supportively.

"Sssh, Pads, shhhh," he murmured, like he might with a wild animal. "Let's get you away from all these people and I'll explain everything."
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