Date: 2016-04-20 03:18 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] wandandawolf
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Remus knew the man: knew the length of his stride, the slope of his back, the way his shirt hung on him. Walking up to Sirius from behind - and being very clear to foreground his presence with a deliberately heavy footfall, he rested his chin on Sirius' shoulder and eased his arms around that waist (was it thinner and more ragged than he remembered? He couldn't be sure) to look out at the city with him.

"Oh, about forty years, give or take," he murmured, voice just a little wry. "...The last time I saw you, Pads, it was 1980, and you'd started getting weird. Standoffish, secretive, always changing the subject. I guess," he admitted, although it wasn't a guess, he knew, "you thought I was the spy. I began to think it must be you, because you were acting so oddly. But one day I just...took one step and found myself in a room in the Department of Mysteries, in October 2015. Some wizards were experimenting with a time turner and some of the artefacts, using them to examine what actually happened with all of us, and the great big war we were fighting. I assume something similar happened to you."

Remus paused, kissed Sirius' shoulder, and returned his chin to its rightful place. "...It's not such a bad time, really."
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