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Sirius gripped him tightly as he felt the squeeze of apparition, grateful to Remus for handling it, for he was in no state to apparate himself, even if he'd known where they were going.

He sank into the chair as directed, burying his face in his hands and trying to focus on the familiar sounds of Remus moving around, even as a pain he didn't know if he could handle swelled in his chest despite his best efforts to keep it at bay, mental images haunting him and ushering the pain ever faster.

At Remus' simple command he pulled his hands away from his face, either unaware or uncaring of the tears streaking his cheeks as he reached for the glass and began to drink without question or hesitation. If Remus wanted him to drink it, it was for the best, he knew. The smell and taste of the potion was vaguely familiar, though he couldn't immediately identify it, his usually sharp mind not wanting to work as normal just now.

And then it began to take effect, dulling the pain and the panic he'd been feeling more and more, and he sighed softly, grateful for the effects. Sinking back into the chair, he looked at Remus, continuing to down the calming draught in measured, even swallows. "Thank you," he murmured, his mind and body at last still and calm for the first time in hours.
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