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"Of course you do." It had worked, then. "Come on," Remus said simply, one hand on his lower back, warm-but-firm, even as he lead Sirius through the crowd and eventually their interest drifted away. Talking to the Ministry would be something he would do later that night, probably via Howler, and give them a bloody piece of his mind. His own body was a comfort in the brisk London air, running just a little bit hotter than human, and he tightened his arm around Sirius' waist when they rounded a corner.

"I'm taking you to a safe house," he murmured, low, fond, lips pressed against Sirius' temple before easing a wand out of his inside coat pocket. "Hold close, now," and then after checking, he Apparated them both to the little alleyway out behind his tall, modern building, just next to the large skip. It was a few quiet, scant moments to gently tug Sirius through the sliding electric doors, into the pristine lift, and up, up, up, until he could slide the key home in the front door of his flat and hold the door open with a foot, tossing his keys on the stand and unfolding his scarf.

"Sit," he said, ushering Sirius around and into a sleek armchair, pressing a kiss to his hair and running his hands back up Sirius' arms and shoulders as the man sat down, determined to keep contact, because contact was always what Sirius needed and craved.

A few moments more and he'd unlocked the charmed cabinet in the kitchen and had prepared a calming draught in a glass tumbler: "Drink," he said, offering it to Sirius and brooking no resistance, even as it smoked a little from the glass.
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