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The touch on Sirius' back didn't falter at the wild eyes and frenzied words. If anything, Remus' grip tightened, wrapping both arms around the other man like he could cocoon him from the world. Peter, he thought, Peter. That name, that night didn't have quite the same effect on Remus - he'd never lived through it, just read about it, a footnote in the gushing Witch Weekly profiles and Daily Prophet articles, to say nothing of a rather healthy cottage industry of war-history tomes that had sprung up in the last fifteen or so years. His history, his life.

His friends.

Clearly Sirius has emerged out of that somewhen, the how and why to be determined later. "I know, Pads, I know," he breathed, and squeezed with his arms to give a hug that was supposed to be a benediction to one or the other of them. "I know everything. You don't need to worry about Wormtail, he's been...found and punished."

Reaching to rest a finger under Sirius' rather shapely chin, Remus lifted his jaw just a little so he could gaze into those bewildered eyes. "You trust me, don't you? Of course you do." He was always slowly ambling Sirius about, wrapping one arm around his waist to hold him safe and close. It was probably cruel of him, to invoke their trust like that, but Remus was desperate for any hook he could use to get Sirius to listen. If this Sirius had ever doubted him, those words would cut, and might prod him into obedience. "C'mon now, away from all the people, and I'll let you know what's going on."

He was already thinking about the supplies he had at home, tucked away inside a locked kitchen cabinet. He'd never been the best Potions master in the realm, but he could brew a calming draught in a pinch.
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