Solstice War - Gathering

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The Solstice was upong them. When the sun went down the magic began to sweel, the veil between this world and the Other Side thin as vapor. Mortals could sense it, even, though they may not have a name for it. They gathered together, not realizing the animal instict of safety in numbers.

But all around the city, from the dark parts, fae began to come together as well. Unseelie filled the city- boggarts and Red Caps and things unseen for many a year with bright eyes and sharp teeth. But they were tricksy, dangerous and malicious but no worse than they ever were. The real threat, the ever present danger this year, were the Milesian that crawled out of the sewrs and tube tunnels to prowl they city. They were hunting tonight. They had eyes black and souless, eyes too wide for their white, gaunt faces. Larger than their eyes were their mouth. The smile of needle fangs glinted in the street lights. Long arms ending with spidery, spindly fingers reached and clawed at passers by from the shadows.

There was a war in the city tonight and the nature of the foe, the Milesian, meant no bound mortal needed to be near any battle. Death would come to one or the other if a killing blow came down.

But there was hope. Seelie fae prowled the city as well, fighting for Light and Air. Even the Queen had seen fit to step through with her swoard and shield. Such was the threat to the Fae way of life that the Milesian presented.

The longest day of the year dawned but the sunlight did nothing to frighten off the dark forces. The longest day of the year simply meant the things that went bump in the night were attacking in the light.

(Tag in, tag around! Open all week so check back. Have fun with your adventures. If you don't want any Milesian, there are plenty of Unseelie, too. Day or night, whichever works for you.)

The Prompt Meme

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TL your pups and other players will tag them with a symbol that's linked to a prompt! Reply with a mini start for a thread based on the chosen scenario/prompt for your pup, and the pup they tagged you with, to play out in the meme! (I'll do my best to use phone friendly symbols, but this meme is likely best suited for mouse and keyboard.)

!!! - One pup finds the other drunk on the street.
</3 - First date, worst date.
>_< - Age swap! One or both pups are now dramatically older or younger.
~~~~ - Snowed in with no one but each other.
v_v - One pup is sick/injured, the other is doing their best to take care of them.
:x - Start the thread with an unexpected kiss.
:o - Start the thread with an accusation!
>:o - FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT (verbal or physical, player choice)
lulz - Have your pups text one another, late at night, while bored.
zzz - Your pups are stuck in a motel and must share a bed.
(o)(o) - Gender swap one or both pups.
Or, feel free to invent your own prompt instead of using one of the ones above! Also, you don't have to use strickt game canon, feel free to AU as you like. Go wild, have fun with it.

As always, these interactions are not game canon, this is just a bit of fun and a writing exercise!

This is a long format meme and will be open all month long!


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June 20 is the Summer Solstice and it marks the time of the coming Faerie War that I've been working toward all year. This will be a game wide plot (which you can opt out of by simply having your pup not notice or be unaffected).

Beginning at midnight on Tuesday dark forces will be running amok through London and Seelie fae will be chasing them down. The Milesian are an ancient foe, so much more dangerous than any Unseelie fae. They are tall and pale with black hair, black eyes like pits, and wide mouths with rows and rows of sharl teeth. They are impossibly tall and spindly and their fingers are long with extra knuckles. Definitely nothing you want to see in the dark. But they won't be confined to the dark. You will have opportunity to see them through the day as well.

Magic will be thick in the city so anyone sensitive to it will notice something is going on.

I am going to put up a GP for any and all, and will have a top level for Willy to fight. Spoiler, it's not going to go well for him but if you tag him he will heroically save your pup.

At your discretion there may be Unseelie afoot, too, if you'd like some faerie encounters that are less scary but just as dangerous through the plot. There's a trove of resources online to tell you the sorts of Unseelie you might encounter.

Any questions or suggestions just ask! As with all gamewide plots you'll have lots of freedom to make your own adventures!


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