toujours_impur: (pout incoming)
Sirius Orion Black ([personal profile] toujours_impur) wrote 2016-07-31 12:37 am (UTC)

Ah, but Sirius wouldn't be so easily led away after that. His own hand twitched toward the front of his leather jacket, toward the inside pocket which kept his wand within easy reach. He knew better than to actually draw it in the middle of a Muggle pub, but that didn't mean the instinct and the temptation weren't there anyway.

"Really. Is it?" he asked as he looked at the outstretched hand and back to the man's face without touching him, his smile completely gone now, eyes sparkling dangerously with anger and something else; jealousy, a jealousy that was churning in his gut, hot and restless, making him likely to do something rash and stupid to give it an outlet. He was supposed to be dead, and Remus was supposed to be dumped, and here was this bloke all smiles and hugs and--and kisses that he was not bloody entitled to.

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