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Hex ([personal profile] just_hex) wrote in [personal profile] toujours_impur 2016-07-30 11:18 am (UTC)

Hex's smile was broad and bright as he slid off the stool to stand before Remus.

"So good to see you, mate!" he said cheerfully and moved in fast, elbowing Sirius out of the way so he could wrap his arms around the man to give him a hug...then lifting one hand to hold his face and give him a more-than-friends kiss on the mouth. It was brief and casual, but spoke to the fact that Hex knew Remus well and was quite comfortable with kissing him in public.

"And this is your mate Sirius. Lovely. Lovely to meet you," he smiled, letting go of Remus to offer Sirius a hand to shake.

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