wandandawolf: (all the freckles)
Mr. R. J. L., Esq. ([personal profile] wandandawolf) wrote in [personal profile] toujours_impur 2016-04-26 09:34 am (UTC)

While Remus had said there was room enough for two in the bed, he had meant it in their old, curiously close way. Sliding in behind Sirius, bare to his boxers, he tugged the blankets up over them both. Some wriggling ensued as he got one arm under Sirius' side and the other over his body to circle him warm and close.

"Sleep, Pads. I've got you," he promised, before pressing a kiss to Sirius' bare shoulder. All very friendly, wasn't it? Completely. But he knew just how much Sirius craved safety and reassurance: it was something he'd always offered his friend, a pair of surprisingly strong (if thin and scarred) arms to wrap around and anchor him. Together, Remus was prepared to drift off to sleep.

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