wandandawolf: (wolf and his jacket)
Mr. R. J. L., Esq. ([personal profile] wandandawolf) wrote in [personal profile] toujours_impur 2016-04-25 02:47 am (UTC)

Guiding Sirius down the (short) hallway to the bedroom, Remus kept holding his hand the entire time, before sitting him down on the armchair he used to curl up in some nights as he turned down the blankets. That done, he undressed the other wizard, slowly, reverently, and folding the clothes up nearly on the dresser. "In you hop, m'dear," he said, something of an order in his voice before he pulled out his wand and scoured Sirius clear with a charm. "There you go. Don't worry, it's big enough for two," Remus murmured over his shoulder, already starting to undress himself.

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